Zhivka Cvetkoska-Andonoska

Assistent for promotion
Agency for Promotion and Support of Тourism Government of Republic of Macedonia

Bilateral Meetings

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  • Friday 10:00 - 17:00

    The basic subject of Agency for promotion and support of tourism is to promote Macedonia like amazing  tourist destination.

     Macedonia is hidden gem who reflects natural beauties and cultural treasures! The tourism product of a country is more demanding, following new trends and sustainable development opportunities. Uniqueness and diversity is what Macedonia offering to travelers, who are looking for new experiences, new activities and ways of enjoying their holiday.

    New trends and new tourists have different requests, according to that there is a need for opening luxury hotels like Marriot, Double tree by Hilton, Ramada and Accor Hotels/ibis …

     Macedonia is connected with direct airlines to 39 European destinations from Skopje “Alexander the great airport”. Also to Ohrid “St. Paul the apostle airport” operate tur operators TUI, Corendon, Arkia, RegoBis, Thomas Cook, and Jetair whit who we build successful stories.

     The capital city of Macedonia  is internationally famous for being the birthplace of Saint Mother Teresa and the Nobel Prize winner. In 2009 in Skopje was built memorial house dedicated to the life and work of this marvelous woman. The site of her birthplace has become one of Skopje’s most popular attractions and an integral part of the tourist map of the Republic of Macedonia.

     Macedonia is a country of gourmands and excusive gastronomy. A country of pristine wines from the time of Alexander the Great and the centennial tradition of fish dishes and stew specialties. Traditional Macedonian cuisine reflects various gastronomic influences from Mediterranean to Middle Eastern, but one thing has not changed for more than thousands of years - the best homemade wine in the Balkans is always from Macedonia.

   More than 1600 villages and rural  areas are home to one of the most generous and hospitable people in Europe. Villages in Macedonia still keep the authentic smell of untouched nature, forests rich in fruits and scent of fresh made  cheese of  or yogurt.

   Macedonia is place where the cultures mix and unite, making of it a cradle of culture It is a crossroad of different civilizations and a real treasure of historical heritage, archaeology, ancient legends, miraculous mosaics, icons and frescoes.

  Macedonia is an ideal choise for lovers  of extreme sports and recreational activities such as mountain climbing, mount biking, rock climbing, paragliding, hunting, fishing, caving and skiing. Tours around the country on bikes will give you a sense of real adventure. In honor of Independence Day in Macedonia, each year is organized a three-day motorcycle rally across the country with 250 participants that pass 1000km around the country. All you need is a thirst of challenge and adventure!

     Feel the diversity traveling through Macedonia, nature  surprise you every few minutes by offering unexpected wide spacious landscapes, picturesque valleys, endlessly blue lakes, and one of the most fascinating Speleological Park in Europe.

      Macedonia’s tourism products are made up of a combination of rich cultural and natural heritage. The growth in tourism is due to the country's abundant natural beauty, which is never more than several hours away.

      Macedonia is a small but beautiful country in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. Stretches over 25 800 thousand square kilometers, encompassing 38 mountains with 20 pristine peaks over 2000 meter high, rich in natural reserves, 3 national parks and 43 endlessly blue lakes. Skopje a capital city with a 2000 years old historical heritage raised in modern metropole with urban living!

Traveling through Macedonia nature will surprise you every few minutes showing-off unexpected wide spacious landscapes, picturesque valleys and endlessly blue lakes. The country is remarkable place where the cultures and religions mix and unite, making of it the most impressive image of life.

  In the last few years, some of the world's most influential media outlets and travel portals recognize Macedonia as one of the ten most attractive, undiscovered destinations that must be visited. 

 We expect you! Welcome to  Macedonia!

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