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DescriptionPASHA Travel is unique in Azerbaijan - the country’s only IATA and ISO-certified full service Tourism and Destination Management Company that is also a member of ICCA. Serving customers since 2003, PASHA Travel is part of PASHA Holding, a group of companies that is one of the biggest, most dynamic and widely respected in Azerbaijan. Extensive network within the country and collaboration with professional partners worldwide helps to offer a customized 360 degree service catering to a full range of client needs and delivering the best experience.
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CityBaku, 151, Neftchilar ave. Google map

Discover Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the Caucasus Region offering a wide variety of products that, I am certain, would be to the taste of your customers.
PASHA Travel’s touristic offers range from unique culinary journeys that submerge travelers in the local flair to traditional beach recreation and Alpine skiing. Our competitive edge in the market is also reinforced by exclusive tours of the country that include authentic experience in a bazaar, traditional crafts shops, Azerbaijani wedding or “Baku of the Soviet era”. The last but hardly least, PASHA Travel’s team of professionals will be delighted to assist you with any queries and requests at any convenient time.

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