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DescriptionSince 1997, Ganimede Viaggi has been a dynamic tour operator on the Amalfi Coast. Today, the company is divided into Incoming tourism, Travel and Study as our three main sectors; moreover, the owners - the Palummo family - also have the hotel Sant'Angelo Resort as a property in the area. Ganimede is not only active in the incoming sector, but also provides expertise in Luxury, weddings, tailor-made tours and incentives in Italy. In addition we are very proud that Ganimede Viaggi has roots in the field of social tourism and participates in public tenders for the organization of cultural and wellness stays for seniors. In the last 5 years, Ganimede has undertaken more than 200 projects for many schools in the South of Italy, as education tours, traditional school trips and is specialized in the PON C1-C5. An outstanding achievement for the School and Educational services department based in Rome, is our involvement with 1,000 students in our capital city! Today, Ganimede operates across the whole spectrum of the tourism sector!
Organization Type Company
CityPIMONTE , VIA RESICCO N. 9 Google map